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The Perfect Add On Set To the Humane Art 10pc Paintbrush Set With Cary Case 

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Medium to large size paintbrushes



If you have always dreamed of painting with quality sable paintbrushes but worried about the cost of an animal’s life, and the huge hole in your wallet, then Hand Touched Crafts 10pc Humane Art is the ideal starter set to help you achieve your artistic dreams.

  • Looks, Feels And Performs Like Natural Sable Brush Hair: These brushes guzzle up water for long flowing brush strokes, making this the perfect watercolor brush set. The brushes natural snap and point can rival the fur from their wild and free animal counterpart but with the added strength and durability of an artificial fibre.

  • Handmade Carry Case & Easy Grip Brush Handles: The lightweight, convenient zipped storage case makes it easy for you to carry your brushes to the lake, art class or on holiday. Short, matt finished brush handles that allow you maximum brush control, for detailed and precise painting techniques. 

  • ​Multipurpose Synthetic Brush Fiber & Easy Care: Whether you express your creativity through nail art, acrylic landscape painting, or revel in abstract oil painting the easy care multipurpose properties of Humane Art’s quality synthetic brush fibre will help you achieve the great results you desire, with minimum clean-up fuss after your painting sessions. 
  • Quality Handmade Craft-man-ship At An Affordable Price: Humane Art’s Range of paintbrushes are hand-crafted in the USA from global components to ensure you can enjoy a quality, long-lasting set of brushes at an price affordable price. The blue zipper case is handmade in Italy providing quality protection for your favorite brush set.  All Hand Touched Crafts  paintbrushes, must pass the same stringent standards for accuracy, durability and precision. This brush set is made by artists for artists. 
  • 100% No-Risk 90 Day Money-Back Guarantee: At Hand Touched Crafts, we stand behind each of our products with a total satisfaction guarantee. If these artist paint brushes don’t meet your standards or are otherwise defective, simply return during the first 90 days for a full refund or exchange. It’s our way of insuring that you’re 100% satisfied with your purchase.

  • 10 Assorted Brushes To Begin Your Best Brush Set With: We have carefully selected 10 small to medium size paintbrushes for to start your Humane Art Brush collection with. The zipped carry case has plenty of room for you to add more brushes to as well as your favorite sketching or watercolor pencils.


Paintbrushes Included with your 10pc Humane Artist Brush Set :

  • Wash # 14 - 20mm brush head 
  • Round # 4 - 15mm brush head
  • Angle # 10 - 15mm brush head
  • ​Fan # 2 - 18mm brush head
  • Long Liner # 5/0 - 16mm brush head
  • Mini Liner # 10/0 - 6mm brush head
  • Shader # 4 - 9mm brush head and # 8 - 14mm brush head
  • Cat’s Tongue # 2 - 10mm brush head and # 6 - 12mm brush head
  • Cleaning Instruction Sheet and Blue Zipped Artist Brush Case

​​For more detailed information on brush size and measurements, see the chart below​

With your Humane Art Brush Set you can paint the town red, laying down large amounts of color, easily gliding it across your canvas without the need to re-load your brush constantly. Your delight in the snap, strength and ability of the brushes to maintain their point and shape will only be exceeded by the pleasure you get from expressing your creativity with paint.

If perfectionism is your goal, the short pencil like brush handles will allow you that extra control for fine detailed work that requires patience and precision. Whether you are a beauty therapist creating sensational nail art or an enthusiastic replicator of toy soldiers, you will love the easy grip matt finished handle.

Creative experimentation is fun with these multipurpose paintbrushes. If your creative passion sees you creating elaborate painted scrapbook pages one day and painted art quilts the next, you will love that the synthetic brush hair handles multiple paint mediums and the lightweight case conveniently slips into your bag for travel to workshops and art retreats.​