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Are You Ready To Take Your Artwork To The Next Level?

If you have a passion for painting, love to experiment, and wish to improve your brushwork skills, then Hand Touched Crafts, Zeta Specialty Brush Set is an essential addition to your paintbrush collection.

  • VERSATILE FINE ART BRUSHES SUITABLE FOR MOST PAINT MEDIUMS: Whether you are a Oil Painter, Watercolor Artist, or love painting with acrylics, the high grade golden Taklon used in the Zeta range of brushes will handle the job. Cruelty Free, Durable Taklon fiber is better than animal fur at withstanding the caustic nature of solvents & thinners used in painting. Clean Up is also quicker and easier, helping to extend the life of your favorite brush.

  • ESSENTIAL FOR LANDSCAPE, WILDLIFE & PORTRAIT PAINTING: Specifically designed for textural and blending brushwork so you can easily achieve elegant flowing lines, tree branches, leaves and flower petals. Create rippling water scenes, foaming oceans, or misty sunsets and dramatic clouds. Fashion wispy hair, or delicate fur, and softly blend skin tones

  • TAKE YOUR ART TO THE NEXT LEVEL: Have fun experimenting and practicing new brushwork techniques with the Triangle, Flat Rake, and Fan Paintbrushes. Whether you are an avid decorative or folk art painter, a craft artist who loves making holiday gifts, a fine art student or a fabric artist who loves creating interesting textures and patterns, you will enjoy exploring the wide range of possibilities with this set

  • QUALITY USA HANDMADE CRAFTSMANSHIP AT AN AFFORDABLE PRICE: Hand Touched Crafts, Zeta Paint Brush Range is handcrafted in the USA from carefully selected global components to ensure a quality, long-lasting set of brushes at a price you can afford. As part of Hand Touched Crafts Brand, the Zeta Speciality Brush Set must pass the same stringent standards for accuracy, durability and precision as the rest of their products. It's a synthetic brush set made by artists for artists

  • 100% No-Risk 90 Day Money-Back Guarantee:At Hand Touched Crafts, we stand behind each of our products with a total satisfaction guarantee. If these artist paint brushes don’t meet your standards or are otherwise defective, simply return during the first 90 days for a full refund or exchange. It’s our way of insuring that you’re 100% satisfied with your purchase.

Paintbrushes Included with your Zeta 3pc Specialty Brush Set :

The #6 Triangle Brushis also called the dagger, sword or striping brush. Loaded with 2-3 colors and holding plenty of paint, the brush can create long flowing lines for a vine or tree branch that with a twist can turn into a petal or leaf, or maybe reflections across water. Also great for decorative lettering and craft painting.

The Versatile #6 Fan Brush can be used to stipple, bounce, blend, flick, swish, twist, tap and splatter paint across your canvas. FANtastic for painting foliage and leaves, moody clouds, soft blended skin tones and lively waterfalls. Create stunning grass and foregrounds or use the edge to sketch and draw designs.

The 1/4" Flat Rake Brush is PURfect for painting fur and hair. Easily paint streaky lines, wood-grain or basket-weave textures. Use to add highlights and build up texture, layers and color. A fun brush for decorative painters to experiment with and a easy tool for quickly embellishing holiday craft projects.

​​For more detailed information on brush size and measurements, see the chart below​